Tips For a Perfect Dog Party

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Create the perfect dog party.

Being prepared is a great way to keep things running smoothly on party day. Here are some tips for getting started.

Who to invite?
Invite a small number of dogs that your dog knows and plays with on a regular basis. Don’t forget their human companions — with every dog comes two mouths to feed! Make sure to ask about any allergies or dietary restrictions for both dogs and their human counterparts, and while small children are a wonderful addition to the celebration, think about how many you can handle.    

The doggie invite
A personal handwritten note is always nice, or for larger parties you can look on-line for inspiration. Have folks bring a donation — dog food, toys or money to give to a local shelter.  

Making introductions
Greeting your 4-legged companions outside in neutral territory to give the dogs a quick greet and sniff is a great way to get the party started. Once they’ve gotten acquainted, you can walk them into a fenced yard or park and release. Of course they’ll spend the first few minutes marking (and re-marking) the territory, but this is only natural.   Have disposable cameras on-hand, or give gift bags with memorabilia. Creates great memories of the day.  

Expect accidents!
With all the excitement, it’s only natural to have an accident or two. Keep baggies, cleaning spray, paper towels and first aid handy.

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