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Name: Three Dog Bakery
Location: Various store locations, Online, Three Dog Bakery foundation

For the Love of Dogs.

From a passion and love for dogs, Three Dog Bakery was founded with one mission: to fresh-bake, from scratch, the world’s best dog treats and give pet parents everywhere yummy, all-natural dog food they can feel good about sharing with their furry family members. We started based on a love for dogs, and it is that love that continues to support everything we do.

Years ago, Gracie — a sweet albino Great Dane with big blue eyes — was in terrible health.

Gracie wasn’t just a pet; she was family. This furry family member refused to eat any dog food her parents Dan and Mark brought home — even the “fancy” stuff vets recommended. So they took matters into their own kitchen.

The first batch wasn’t perfect. But after a while, Gracie devoured Dan and Mark’s homemade treats.

Gracie wasn’t the only one who loved them. Her sisters Sarah and Dottie also drooled over the nutritious goodies. Soon the neighbors’ dogs caught whiff of the new creations and before too long, dogs all over Kansas City were craving the homemade treats.

Mark and Dan began selling their dog treats on lunch breaks and weekends. In 1989, Three Dog Bakery outgrew their kitchen; they left their “real jobs” and opened the world’s first bakery for dogs .

Ever since, we’ve been baking fresh, premium dog food and treats that dogs love and dog parents feel great about. What started with a love for Gracie the Great Dane has grown into a love for dogs around the world.

The Three Dog Difference

Your dog is family. We get it. That’s why every ounce of dog food and treats that come from our bakery has been carefully crafted to ensure the best quality for your loyal friend. This includes p remium, all-natural ingredients that are s lowly baked to preserve flavor and nutrients, that are cre ated with a devoted love for dogs. We’re not just another pet store. We’re the world’s first bakery for dogs, committed to making all-natural treats for happier, healthier dogs. Our treats are the natural, wholesome way to love your dog!


You can find the “Three dog bakery” at the Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms store.
(link under construction)

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