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Where To Find Unique Dog Photographs and Dog Clip-Art
For Next To Nothing.

If you are in the middle of a project like scrap booking, wood working, painting, writing a book, using social media, starting a rescue, promoting a charity, or building a website —  your audience will be instantly engaged when you use the best dog- photos or dog-clip-art 

People have been asking where they can find new and interesting pictures for their  online and off line projects so here are a few resources that we’ve had luck with over the years.

However, as different pictures can be used for different reasons, we thought it would be helpful to start you out on the right track on things to think about before you download a free photo (or worse yet pay for a photo!) and find out after the fact that some pictures can be used for different reasons and that you are in violation of the license terms.

To help you avoid all of that, know what you are using the picture for and (even if the picture is free to use) check-out the definitions allowed by the owner of the picture and make sure you stick to what they’ve requested.

Things to ask yourself…

1.    Do you need to use your picture commercially or for a more intimate, personal project?

2.    Could you use stock photography?

Stock photography is the supply of creative photographs and clip-art licensed for specific uses generally presented on searchable online databases.

For “royalty-free” stock pictures you can pay as little as a $1 to use these pictures for a lot of personal and commercial projects, but you might be restricted to the amount of times you can reproduce your image. Does this matter? Because other types of stock photography include “rights-managed” or “licensed image” dog pictures, which give you the exclusive right to the print  you’ve paid to download. Exclusive rights dog-pictures can be more costly.





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