Are Some Dog-Food Proteins Dangerous?

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Did you know that there’s more than one protein source available in pet food? And one source could potentially impact your dogs health?

All proteins are not created equal and are rated on their different levels of amino acids and the ability of the protein to be broken down into amino acids.

These abilities are called your pet’s food biological value. Protein sources called “complete protein sources” contain the highest biological value which eggs carry the honor of being the food source which sets the standard that other proteins are judged against with a perfect score of ‘100’. Other near perfect sources of protein include fish meal, milk which have been given a value of 92. Interestingly bone meal, wheat and corn are scored around 45-55 and other things like hair and feathers, which are high in protein but low in digestibility, reach the bottom of the list of biological value.

Can you feed your dog too much protein? And how you can tell.


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