Do Dogs Need Protein To Live?

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Proteins are used by our pets to be on top of their game and gain strong bones and a healthy immune system.

Proteins can seem complicated because they come in a variety of packages that are rated on things like their make-up of amino acids and digestibility or biological value.

Inexpensive ingredients can pass for more expensive, concentrated proteins. Some of these less expensive ingredients are melamine and cyanuric acid which, when added to pet-food in certain combinations, were implicated in pet kidney failure and possible deaths in dogs.

One of these less expensive ingredients was Melamine, which was added as a pet-food binder in animal feed manufactured in different parts of the world.  Melamine contaminates were used as pet-food ingredients in 2006 and due to the deterioration of pet health  as well as some claimed pet deaths, a massive recall ensued, although there remains a dispute to Melamine’s exact role.

Pet food that has proteins with many amino acids and high digestibility (a high biological value) help determine the cost of the pet-food when we buy it at the store. It is being considered by some that contaminates such as Melamine were added to pet-food  to fraudulently increase the measured protein content on the label, and therefore the pet-owners mistaken value of the pet-food they were buying at the store.


Can you feed your dog too much protein? And how you can tell.


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